Frontflipped from my 14th floor loft into my valet parked 2012 Ferrari (I got connexions)..


if the planet flipped right now and everything was fucked up.. straight up, slackers would be like 'SEE?! now what was the point?!' haha!


Korbin Pheenix:funna go make a dook then hit the labor-a-tory. Valhalla Back!


gettin off here and going to sleep. yall kiss our lil kony for me and tell him i love him.


if angelina jolie bent her knee it would look like a toothless jawbone.


how the fuck does the RIAA work nowadays ANYWAYS? and to add, how is rick ross the hottest rapper by mainstream standards but not doin a mill in a week? my knowledge on the shit might be limited but i lean to believe that at least HALF them cars is part of a 'floss' budget and didnt come from sales. guess cats is gettin money from the label based on buzz alone..



been knowin about this for a lil ol moment but i was SURE somebody woulda posted it before me.. here it is! http://ping.fm/h8wrC



to those who got netflix or know anybody who does:yall need to watch 'my date with drew'.. i think anybody should. and watch it in the morning or before an important 'make or break' day.