tune into www.parislive.org tonight! they playin' 'Art of the Two-Piece'. starts at 8pm. if you dont be there you'll see were-wolfs.. oh im sorry wolves.


if somebody told you that in order to save your child, you had to blow up a school bus FILLED with kids.. scale from 1-5. '1' being you would do it with no hesitation and '5' you would let your kid die with no hesitation. !GO!


just laced one NASTY as track with corby.. a variation for 'The Youngster' film that we're doin the score for... UGGGHH SUUUUUUUPER ill!!!!


in this world we live in.. its pretty easy to become inconsiderate of others. just kno that when it you do it, it comes back on you... and you cant even get mad at the person, haha! it happened to me just recently because i DID something inconsiderate not too long ago.. so yeah.. cant get TOO mad because its prally just kharma acting throo them. at least thats what i can TELL myself, haha! TO BE CONTINUED....



being that we're posting this.. you can take it as a sign of things to come... hehe.. but in the mean/between time, just listen to this shit and dress warm.. its cold in space...


lames should get orthro-evra, pull out, get castrated, wear chastity-belts, get hysterectomies and vasectomies..


so how would yall think the world would be without social networks and youtube type entertainment? i could come up with the general effect but to try and sit down and describe accurately is some hard shit to do..

and you see the TRUE origins of the wizard of oz..


'buncha babies.. like what i put under a blonde pubics/burst a chopper to knock chips off his cube like dropped rubix...got the game consoling/flow made of meth/stay up on it/bullets is murder sperm squirted out burners squirmin' throo air to create a death'


And now Laughing Target Media LLC presents....... WEAPON X........YZ!

being a visionary running with fellow visionaries i think ima start ending my conversations by saying 'Won'... 'cause thats what we about to do..


Reason for no new posts

Korbin Pheenix is out of pocket right now handling some business and probably wont' be making any posts on the blog until around mid november.


heading back pt. 2

i was supposed to head back to arkansas yesterday but on the morning of my girlfriend came down with kidney stones.. YES... i said it.. CAME down with kidney stones haha! she was in alot of pain and we were in the ER for 5 plus hours but shes feelin better now so thats whats up. i go back this afternoon and i dont really kno what to expect. i have outstanding warrants i need to handle plus i have my once every 3 month meeting with my probation officer comin up on the the third of november. all i wanna do is go back, see my daughter, silbi-claire, make some money, get back in the booth, freshin up the delivery and start making music again but not knowing whether im gonna be free or not is buggin me. all i can do now is hope for the best and respect the worse. either way i think it'll work out the way its supposed to.

On A Lighter Note..

a friend of mine in the uk just gave me the heads up to put some music in his hands for consideration in an upcoming film of some kind. i been dealin wit the guy for a year now and he's done some good stuff for me in the past but i dont really kno whats gonna come of it if i DO rally the troops for this.. we'll see though..


oh my../headed back to the studio

made new progress producing today. the prechorus sounds real sinister like some turn of the century Mobb Deep shit.. definitely on some next level ish.. i had all the basics that i would need then i added an arpeggiated synth to it.. basically a synth with a knightrider ninininininin thing goin on up under it and made it sound really futuristic and grimey. think the bladerunner soundtrack with more nuts. basically this shit is about to blow minds.  i wish i had knowledge in sound tweaking because this shit could REEEEALLLY be over the top. but i got a last resort. the only thing about that is i wont be able to get THAT treatment till im completely done with the song and sendin it to the mastering engineer. hes the guy that mastered ems marshal mathers joint so i kno he got a few tricks. the thing about making a single PART in a song great is having to match all the other parts up to it.. its exceptionally hard when its in the middle of the track haah! oh well.. WE GOT THIS

oh and im headed back to arkansas for a lil bit to try and make some money and record. im gonna miss my girl but times is tight so i gotta bounce for now. the only thing good about that is that i'll be close to the studio so i can work on the music more

Big Mak in the Building by Korbin Pheenix

Now im VERY aware that i posted this in the LTM blog but i thought that i would post it HERE as well because i am a part of LTM but im also ME haha!

just got done talkin production collab with him and yeah... dudes certifiable beast on the production and one of my closest cousins.. we dont hang all the time but we got alota respect for each other. he laced this beat for me late last year in 20 minutes or so in fruity loops 9 and dropped me off with the project file.. i paid him a few bucks because he does good work and really fast.. if i didnt have it he prally woulda done it anyways just to blow my wig-piece.. haha! show-off.. but yeah, basically i stepped to him with this song by kathy sledge.. i dont kno exactly what the name of the song is, i forgot, but theres a really sad but triumphant intro to the song and immediately i knew what i needed to do.. SAMPLE TIME. plus, since i like to brag about my ability to chop up samples when they inspire me and he had just gotten into choppin samples pretty regularly and was braggin the same, i thought i would see what the young dude had.. yeah, he was on point and did it alot faster than i woulda done actually for a song like that. dudes got a high IQ and is a 25/8 producer and in-tune with his method so he was real quick in building the song structure around the sample.. the only thing that i had to bring to it was the sample itself, a simple drum pattern which i came up with on the spot at his crib, and that was it.. fam ran with it from there. i only just a month or so ago got down on mixing and mastering it and playing with the arrangement that he set up initially to kinda make it pop just a lil more and he just got done peeping it and was real happy with it and wants to get together for some of his beats plus i need new hot ones from him so we scratchin each others backs so to speak when i go back to visit my family.. the beat reminds me of the 'against all odds' shit that eminem was doing last year on the recovery album so with that said i gotta be the best em i can be on this one haha! the beat was already intimidating BEFORE i got it soundin' all it can be so yes.. with that? i got alotta work aheada me hahaha!


'put you under trees till ya body blend wit the sap/smackin ya gums'll get em slapped/face catch a case of the one-hand clap'-well... you kno who it was..

slept in but now im up and on mission..

ok so apparently ive gotten used to wakin up super early because i slept in and my back is achin FIERCE plus got an ill headache.. no matter. more music to be made today.. i kno ONE thing. im bringin my mouse to corbys crib today haha! that laptop mouse takes forEVER to maneuver with haha! but yeah, i gotta remember to first situate the bass/synth line, then handle the separation of musical parts, and finally go to bouncing shit down.. after this we're making a COMPLETE original with a cool piano track.. dudes already got one thats pretty nasty.. hell make that 2 haha!

i need to be sleep.. more phasing..

my mind is busting with notes haha! i cant cut it off! i dont remember the last time i was this inspired to create music but its happening so im gonna run with it. yesterday while lacing production for the nex phase joint, i noticed that corby's notes seemed to be at a higher octave than they shouldve been but we put everything in place correctly and triple checked it. it wasnt till after i got home that i realized that the instrument i was using to lay the synth that goes along with the bassline was at the lowest possible pitch and THATS why it had the synth on corby's sequencing program sounding all happy and shit haha! i was wondering why my song was sounding like a lil wayne panty drop track hahah! but yeah now that thats been discovered we can make the needed corrections and FINALLY move on to getting all the different parts for the chorus spread out and compartmentalized.

earlier like as in 40 minutes ago i came up with a dance type ambient part to go with the prechorus build up.. tryin to get it to sound really loud and chaotic like a plane take off leading into the chorus


the nex phase ONCE AGAIN..

ok so i got the green from corby vinson to work on the interpolation yet some more but im excited because its goin into the next phase of things.. i have mapped out the entire bassline and now we are swapping the sequencing events from my system, which was done in fruity loops 9, over to his system where he uses reason.. a superior program in sound quality and resolution. the hardest part has been getting the bassline down but since thats done, the longest part of today will be copyin the sequencing over.. the rest after that is all fun and its downhill from there! stay tuned for the update.. im out!
up and atom-smashin^up early as shit.. definitely takin a nap today. aint nothin gettin front of that even if i gotta pop a pill haha! gotta be swell rested for later.. music making time!


maaaaan.. im up here doin this arrangement and when i was doing the lil twinkly melody shit over the top of what we're workin on.. STRAIGHT up a tune i heard my swedish homegirl Linga Sjoqvist came into my head for one part.. i had to plug it in, haha! let me kno if you want in on the song, girl, haha! shits dope tho fasho..
im up and at it early with the music today. workin on this defining masterpiece called the nexphase. i dont kno why i chose to interpolate a song so fast in pace haha. its got that mid eighties minneanapolis sound but since im flippin it, so to speak, for rhyming purposes, its gonna be slowed down to mid tempo.. the original song im shadowing is one hundred eighteen beats per minute.. im slowing it down to ninety or so.. goin good so far haha


great minds...

listenin to pharoahe monchs new album.. with all the guitar solos on there its pretty cool that one of idols is doin somethin that i apply in half the songs i do.. its somethin about havin a virtuoso guitar solo to punctuate the power in a song


centrum silverscreen

i wonder how long its gonna take for people to come up with an original film concept again.. i think the last movies that were good and original was donnie darko, momento, bloodcar, otis and gummo. since its a bunch of old people that are set in they ways controlling how much change we get to have, for fear of not gettin the bottomline met its safe to say we entered the era of the centrum silverscreen..

To live and die in L.A.

media made lying cool.. social networks perpetuate that same shit.. sucks but super factual.. i sit and think where would everybody be if the internet never went puss like that. come to think, i remember when i first went and lived in l.a. for a short time in 05 comin out of  hope,arkansas and having had lived there for 8 years prior.. at that point my thinkin was hey ima make friends here, go to somebody crib with a beer and just kick it... no.. you had to call and plan/schedule a 2 hour(or less) gathering to drink a couple beers 2 WEEKS into the future. at the time i remember thinking ' the average person in L.A. has a hyper-sensitive comfort zone.. like when they conduct business or go to work its like they are in scenes in a  movie and their apartment is their dressing room.. where they prepare between scenes NOT to be disturbed' now thanks to media and the internet.. i gotta do the same thing in Lower Arkansas.. LA.. SOOOO many celebrities, daaaaamn!