To live and die in L.A.

media made lying cool.. social networks perpetuate that same shit.. sucks but super factual.. i sit and think where would everybody be if the internet never went puss like that. come to think, i remember when i first went and lived in l.a. for a short time in 05 comin out of  hope,arkansas and having had lived there for 8 years prior.. at that point my thinkin was hey ima make friends here, go to somebody crib with a beer and just kick it... no.. you had to call and plan/schedule a 2 hour(or less) gathering to drink a couple beers 2 WEEKS into the future. at the time i remember thinking ' the average person in L.A. has a hyper-sensitive comfort zone.. like when they conduct business or go to work its like they are in scenes in a  movie and their apartment is their dressing room.. where they prepare between scenes NOT to be disturbed' now thanks to media and the internet.. i gotta do the same thing in Lower Arkansas.. LA.. SOOOO many celebrities, daaaaamn!

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