oh my../headed back to the studio

made new progress producing today. the prechorus sounds real sinister like some turn of the century Mobb Deep shit.. definitely on some next level ish.. i had all the basics that i would need then i added an arpeggiated synth to it.. basically a synth with a knightrider ninininininin thing goin on up under it and made it sound really futuristic and grimey. think the bladerunner soundtrack with more nuts. basically this shit is about to blow minds.  i wish i had knowledge in sound tweaking because this shit could REEEEALLLY be over the top. but i got a last resort. the only thing about that is i wont be able to get THAT treatment till im completely done with the song and sendin it to the mastering engineer. hes the guy that mastered ems marshal mathers joint so i kno he got a few tricks. the thing about making a single PART in a song great is having to match all the other parts up to it.. its exceptionally hard when its in the middle of the track haah! oh well.. WE GOT THIS

oh and im headed back to arkansas for a lil bit to try and make some money and record. im gonna miss my girl but times is tight so i gotta bounce for now. the only thing good about that is that i'll be close to the studio so i can work on the music more

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