Big Mak in the Building by Korbin Pheenix

Now im VERY aware that i posted this in the LTM blog but i thought that i would post it HERE as well because i am a part of LTM but im also ME haha!

just got done talkin production collab with him and yeah... dudes certifiable beast on the production and one of my closest cousins.. we dont hang all the time but we got alota respect for each other. he laced this beat for me late last year in 20 minutes or so in fruity loops 9 and dropped me off with the project file.. i paid him a few bucks because he does good work and really fast.. if i didnt have it he prally woulda done it anyways just to blow my wig-piece.. haha! show-off.. but yeah, basically i stepped to him with this song by kathy sledge.. i dont kno exactly what the name of the song is, i forgot, but theres a really sad but triumphant intro to the song and immediately i knew what i needed to do.. SAMPLE TIME. plus, since i like to brag about my ability to chop up samples when they inspire me and he had just gotten into choppin samples pretty regularly and was braggin the same, i thought i would see what the young dude had.. yeah, he was on point and did it alot faster than i woulda done actually for a song like that. dudes got a high IQ and is a 25/8 producer and in-tune with his method so he was real quick in building the song structure around the sample.. the only thing that i had to bring to it was the sample itself, a simple drum pattern which i came up with on the spot at his crib, and that was it.. fam ran with it from there. i only just a month or so ago got down on mixing and mastering it and playing with the arrangement that he set up initially to kinda make it pop just a lil more and he just got done peeping it and was real happy with it and wants to get together for some of his beats plus i need new hot ones from him so we scratchin each others backs so to speak when i go back to visit my family.. the beat reminds me of the 'against all odds' shit that eminem was doing last year on the recovery album so with that said i gotta be the best em i can be on this one haha! the beat was already intimidating BEFORE i got it soundin' all it can be so yes.. with that? i got alotta work aheada me hahaha!

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