tune into www.parislive.org tonight! they playin' 'Art of the Two-Piece'. starts at 8pm. if you dont be there you'll see were-wolfs.. oh im sorry wolves.


if somebody told you that in order to save your child, you had to blow up a school bus FILLED with kids.. scale from 1-5. '1' being you would do it with no hesitation and '5' you would let your kid die with no hesitation. !GO!


just laced one NASTY as track with corby.. a variation for 'The Youngster' film that we're doin the score for... UGGGHH SUUUUUUUPER ill!!!!


in this world we live in.. its pretty easy to become inconsiderate of others. just kno that when it you do it, it comes back on you... and you cant even get mad at the person, haha! it happened to me just recently because i DID something inconsiderate not too long ago.. so yeah.. cant get TOO mad because its prally just kharma acting throo them. at least thats what i can TELL myself, haha! TO BE CONTINUED....



being that we're posting this.. you can take it as a sign of things to come... hehe.. but in the mean/between time, just listen to this shit and dress warm.. its cold in space...


lames should get orthro-evra, pull out, get castrated, wear chastity-belts, get hysterectomies and vasectomies..


so how would yall think the world would be without social networks and youtube type entertainment? i could come up with the general effect but to try and sit down and describe accurately is some hard shit to do..

and you see the TRUE origins of the wizard of oz..


'buncha babies.. like what i put under a blonde pubics/burst a chopper to knock chips off his cube like dropped rubix...got the game consoling/flow made of meth/stay up on it/bullets is murder sperm squirted out burners squirmin' throo air to create a death'