heading back pt. 2

i was supposed to head back to arkansas yesterday but on the morning of my girlfriend came down with kidney stones.. YES... i said it.. CAME down with kidney stones haha! she was in alot of pain and we were in the ER for 5 plus hours but shes feelin better now so thats whats up. i go back this afternoon and i dont really kno what to expect. i have outstanding warrants i need to handle plus i have my once every 3 month meeting with my probation officer comin up on the the third of november. all i wanna do is go back, see my daughter, silbi-claire, make some money, get back in the booth, freshin up the delivery and start making music again but not knowing whether im gonna be free or not is buggin me. all i can do now is hope for the best and respect the worse. either way i think it'll work out the way its supposed to.

On A Lighter Note..

a friend of mine in the uk just gave me the heads up to put some music in his hands for consideration in an upcoming film of some kind. i been dealin wit the guy for a year now and he's done some good stuff for me in the past but i dont really kno whats gonna come of it if i DO rally the troops for this.. we'll see though..

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