i need to be sleep.. more phasing..

my mind is busting with notes haha! i cant cut it off! i dont remember the last time i was this inspired to create music but its happening so im gonna run with it. yesterday while lacing production for the nex phase joint, i noticed that corby's notes seemed to be at a higher octave than they shouldve been but we put everything in place correctly and triple checked it. it wasnt till after i got home that i realized that the instrument i was using to lay the synth that goes along with the bassline was at the lowest possible pitch and THATS why it had the synth on corby's sequencing program sounding all happy and shit haha! i was wondering why my song was sounding like a lil wayne panty drop track hahah! but yeah now that thats been discovered we can make the needed corrections and FINALLY move on to getting all the different parts for the chorus spread out and compartmentalized.

earlier like as in 40 minutes ago i came up with a dance type ambient part to go with the prechorus build up.. tryin to get it to sound really loud and chaotic like a plane take off leading into the chorus

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